Turill Engelman

Head Coach
Turill Engelman

Turill Engelman is no stranger to athletic ability or athletic success. While growing up in Huntington Beach, Turill was an all Orange County Running Back at Marina High School and selected to Marina Hall of Fame in Football and Track & Field.

After Graduating in 2002 Turill took his talent to the Division 1 level where he was a NCAA multi sport student Athlete. In college Turill balanced playing football in the fall as well as being a 2007 Conference finalist in Track and Field in the 100M. Turill finished his college career with great success while obtaining a bachelor degree of Arts; Physical Education.

Turill took his speed, agility, and hard work to Spain where he played professional football for the Valencia Firebats. While having Turill run the ball the Firebats were crowned 2009 Spanish League national Champs. Turill was also crowned League & game MVP in 2009. After his playing days were over Turill moved back to Orange County and begun to develop the future of Orange County athletes.


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